Bloggers, You Should Have These Blogging Skills

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By Shafira Adlina

blogging skillsWriting is one of activity in my daily life. It’s also probably you. Because writing is a basic skill that almost everyone has. Even though, most people are no longer using a stationary to write. However we use a keyboard to write.

Currently, there is one profession related to writing activity, namely blogging. Blogging is an activities for managing blog such as writing, updating and adding sections like videos and others. All these activities conducted by bloggers using the platform and fast internet support from reliable and trusted internet provider.

To build a blog definitely requires some skills. What are those blogging skills? Check this out.

Blogging Skills That Blogger Should Have

As a blogger, writing is a special activity. It’s because we can write what we want to write without being affected by others opinion. It aim to increase knowledge or change the others mindset. Writing is the one of blogging skill that should bloggers have. There are more blogging skill that should blogger have too. Here is the review.

●      Writing ability

The main product of a blog is definitely an article. As a blogger, we should have good writing skills and be able to process any ideas. Thus, our blog will be able to attracting visitors and increase the traffic. Surely, this will be beneficial for us as bloggers.

●      Knowing The Web Programming Languages

Blog is an website-based aplication using a web programming language like HTML. It serves to determine blog design, layout, font selection and size. HTML is use for display information on the website and then connect it to other websites using a link with a specific code.

One of activities in my daily life is learning this programming language. So, I will be able to manage the blog more better and with qualified.

●      Knowing SEO Techniques

Blogger should know the other blogging skills which is SEO techniques or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an effort to optimize the website to get a good position in search engines. A good position in the search engines will make people easily find our articles by using a specific keywords. This will generate the traffic as we expected.

●      Able to create and process images

Images and videos are complementary when we creating an article on a blog. This is to attracting visitors and eliminated bored when they read the article untill the end. To create an image, we can use the image editing tool. But if it is difficult, we can take a free images.

Some time we need a fast connection to akses this free image. So, use the internet provider that provides the best and reliable connection.

These free images are usually available in some websites that provide free image services. We are no longer need to create our own images. What we must remember is when we use it, add the source of original image and link to appreciate the creator.

blogging●      Good communication skills

Communication ability is not only necessary for those who work in the office. We also need this ability when we looking for relationships, especially to a fellow bloggers. This will be useful when we attend the offline blogger gatherings. And I did it too in my daily life. I really need this skill to communicate well with others.

●      Skill to establish networking

Besides a good communication, we should have a blogging skills to to establish networking. We are need this networking because it will help the growth of our blog in the future.

There are several ways to build a network. Such as joining online and offline blogger communities, collaborating with other bloggers in creating content and so on. To join and collaborate with other bloggers, requires a reliable internet connection. Thus, choose the right and trusted internet provider.

●      Creative and consistent

As a bloogers, we must continuously creative and consistent. Creative means that our blog provides a useful information and unique. So that readers will always visit our blog.

Not only being creative, as bloggers we also have to be consistent. Consistency is one of the keys to success in the blogging world. For example, we must continue to write and publish useful articles even though there are only few visitors. Consistent is not only for bloggers as well. I also need to be consistent when doing work in my daily life.

IndiHome, The Internet Provider That Helps Bloggers To Optimize Blog Performance

When we create a blog, we need a platform like Blogger, WordPress, Medium or Tumblr. The platform is free for everyone. But not only these free platform, the most important thing before creating such a blog is an internet connection.

To get the best and fast internet connection, we can use an internet provider, namely IndiHome. IndiHome is one of the service products Telkom Group that provides a package of communication and data services. What are those service package?

  • Single Play, this package provides a fiber optic connection with an internet services using an or without voice.
  • Dual Play, this package provides a fiber optic connection with an internet and voice services.
  • Triple Play, this package provides a fiber optic connection with an internet, voice and IPTV/UseeTV.

So, it is very appropriate if we rely on IndiHome internet provider when we create a blog. Because IndiHome offers unlimited internet connection with speed up to 300 mbps. With this speed, our blog management will be more optimal and without constraints.

This fast internet connection is not only useful for bloggers. I also need a fast connection to support my daily life activities. Therefore, it is appropriate if IndiHome has the slogan like a fast, classy and smart internet solutions for unlimited activities. So, let’s subscribe IndiHome right now!

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